Grab what you know by the balls

Is it just me, or are people getting excited about Christmas earlier this year? Yesterday a friend posted a photo on Instagram of Christmas decorations adorning a window, with the words: sorry, not sorry. Today another friend has posted a video of her decorating her tree. It’s November! And not even the end of the month.

I have a theory on this. The world is in a very strange place. Life carries on: the kids have to get to school, we have to get to work and the dust still settles. However, underlying all of this is the knowledge that Brexit is probably/possibly going to fuck up our finances and Trump is going to probably/possibly fuck up everything. Alongside both these matters, you’ve got the constant niggle of Europe becoming frighteningly right wing and the worry that you won’t get your hands on a Hatchimal. In fact, so worried are people about this, a family organisation has issued a letter from Santa that parents can show their kids, telling them that: ‘due to the current climate within the North Pole it has been decided that Hatchimals will no longer be given out as presents.’


So, my theory is that with all this terrible uncertainly bubbling under our everyday lives, we have to grab what we know to be real by the baubles and thrash the life out of it. Christmas is the one thing that is certain right now: we know the dates, we know where the decorations are, basically we know the routine. Even the stresses are reliably inevitable. Choosing presents gives us a clear focus. People are even getting a buzz from: the Elf on the Shelf. I had to Google it – only to find out that they’ve been around since 2005. I have clearly had my head shoved right up my own arse, because I had absolutely no idea what it was until yesterday, via a Facebook post asking whether anyone else finds them creepy. Creepy? We’re living in a world with Donald Trump’s face plastered all over the place. Trust me, that elf on a shelf looks like a choir boy.

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My theory also extends to explaining why Ed Balls is still on Strictly, when he is so clearly shit. Not even funny shit, just shit. He’s a known. Completely harmless dressed as a Grinch, there is no way this one is going to steal Christmas.

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In times of uncertainty, we need to grab what’s real by the balls. We need to get out our Christmas decorations early and focus on certainties: friends, family and Christmas spirit.

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  1. Yes I guess that’s a good way of looking at it! I have been getting annoyed with the christmas songs in shops etc in town. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to encourage some Christmas cheer. I’ll admit I’m enjoying the twinkly lights around and about!

    But on a side note, I personally find the elves creepy (regardless of how Trump looks) and what on earth is a Hatchimal???

    #DreamTeam (almost wrote #CreamTeam :s )

    1. Personally, I find the whole idea of an elf on a shelf a right old palava and I think it’s creepy too. As if there’s not enough to think about, without more pressure! As for a Hatchimal – it’s a piece of crap, invented by a toy manufacturer and marketed to death so that it’s the must have toy, that, funnily enough is sold out EVERYWHERE (at a hugely inflated price). I’m glad I’ve got teens 🙂

      1. Just looked these Hatchimal things up. What?? So you pay for the egg thing but once they’ve hatched then that’s done. As someone dealing with a toddler everyday, how many kids will have the staying power for something like that?! Surely it would be simpler to buy them a fish or a hamster?

  2. It seems to early to me. Every year it seems to start earlier, I hate seeing Christmas stuff in the shops at the end of August, it’s ridiculous.

  3. I think you might be onto something here – the slightly manic excitement that’s building so early could well be down to the underlying fear of Trump starting something he can’t contain. I’m like a big kid at Christmas anyway so I’m just going to embrace feeling excited a bit too early and enjoy it 🙂
    I don’t have children so luckily I’m not involved in the Hanimal hysteria. And as for the elf on a shelf, I think the theory behind it is quite nice, but it’s face is totally creepy!
    Thanks for linking up with #BloggerClubUK

  4. My cousin has his christmas tree up already, and they’ve taken the kids to visit Santa! Christmas is definitely coming earlier and earlier. I remember growing up, we weren’t allowed to put the tree up until at least the 20th Dec! In my opinion, that’s just stingy so we put it up the first weekend in December. But November trees are more and more common. I reckon you might be on to something with you theory, though! I also think it’s because there are so many horrid things in the world, people want to focus on something good and happy #FamilyFun

    1. We were the same as you – it was always nearer Christmas that the tree went up and now, like you, we put it up on the 1st Dec, because it’s before Christmas I really enjoy it. By the time new year comes, I’m happy to have that space back! Thank you for your comments.

  5. I certainly think you are on to something here. Even I have been all over Christmas this year and I don’t even like Christmas. I have been putting it down to having kids who are might be able to understand it this year, almost, but you’re right, it is more than that. Absolutely. I want to get lost in my Christmas bubble with my family and re-surfacec in the new year…maybe? Thank you for sharing this with us at #familyfun xx

    1. I was trying to put my finger on it. I know Christmas gets earlier and earlier, but this year we seem to be all over it like a rash! Thank you for your comments x

  6. THIS is why we’re going to be blog BFF’s. You didn’t know about the elf. I bloody love you. I tried to do the whole ‘gift ideas’ ‘baking inspiration’ Xmas posts thang last year. It nearly destroyed me. You know what I wrote about instead? How much I HATE that elf. Loved the Brexit Trump bit. You make me gag laughing. #bloggerclubuk or #coolmumclub It’s 2.30 and I’ve been linky reading for HOURS. I don’t know anymore x

  7. I think Christmas comes this early every year! I just think we all forget this every year!! I think you might be right though family and friends is what we know and will hopefully mask all the uncertainty for what is probably a couple of months. January is going to be a harsh reality!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  8. Our neighbours have done the Xmas decs today and I couldn’t believe it. Also it was the eldest’s school’s ‘winter fair’ – so yes I’m thinking Xmas seems early this year too! I agree it’s in these crazy times that we hang on to the certainties… #familyfun

  9. Oh I love your point here and that quote at the end, maybe we do need it more this year, after all the shit and scary stuff in our world. My kids are asking when is the tree going up and I am like oh I don’t know! I have been so preoccupied with my sick kids and worrying so much about Aspen’s back that I haven’t felt the Christmas spirit, but maybe we need it more than ever! #mg

    1. Some years are like that, aren’t they? Because of one thing and another the spirit of Christmas gets a little bit lost. Maybe this year is the year to try to keep it alive, against the odds. I really hope things improve for you x

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