Money Talks

Daughters 1-4 and step daughter all work for us. This gives them a certain amount of disposable income and we feel teaches them invaluable life lessons on money management. 

Daughter 2 is going to Spain in the summer holidays with face time friend. I am paying for the ticket and she is paying me back in installments. Don’t forget how much I’ve given you, she said this morning, accusingly. I am writing it all down as well, she adds, definitively. You haven’t given me anything yet, I reply. 

She is off school with a sore throat and a temperature. I go to check on her. She’s had a sleep and says she’s feeling a little better. What’s for lunch, she enquires. Salad, I reply. Quinoa salad and mackerel. She doesn’t look impressed. I’ll come down in a while and get it, she says. 

Partner and I are eating lunch. The doorbell goes. It’s the Dominoes Pizza man. I look at him confused. Daughter 2 is leaning over the banister, brandishing a ten pound note. Good money management, she croaks at me with a smile. 

8 thoughts on “Money Talks”

    1. I love your # 🙂
      But don’t worry…teenagers are basically just toddlers, with money! Thank you for commenting.

    1. Ha, yes I’ve got to hand it to her – thinking outside the box…only as far as the pizza box though! Have a good weekend at BML

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