The Dying Hours of January. Part 1: Beads of Greatness

We are finally getting rid of January. It’s so drawn out with its 31 days, that it eeks out every last bit of spirit that’s in you. Perhaps soon we can at last move on from meals adorned with quinoa and daughter 1’s obsessive exercise regime, which has involved ever increasing amounts of burpees being performed loudly, late into the night.  ‘You’re gonna reach greatness!’ Mr Motivator has been telling her all month, ‘you are sweating beads of greatness!’

It occurs to me that in January’s dying hours, I should try out some of this language in my Taekwon-do classes, although I don’t think I could pull them off in quite the same way as he can. I can’t think of many people who can sidle up to a lady at the back of a class and get away with singing, ‘you’re a man eater,’ as she performs her jumping lunges, but somehow he does. 

Looking for inspiration to get me through the first half of February to Valentine’s Day, where there’s finally an excuse for champagne, I look up the rest of the lyrics: 

The woman is wild

A she-cat tamed

By the purr of a Jaguar

Now you’re talking, I think. Let’s go make February rock! 

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