Traffic Lights

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Temporary traffic lights 😡 My life seems to have become a series of traffic lights. So, when I’m sitting at a red light now, I think about projects I’m working on that aren’t moving forwards and try to work out solutions. When I’m at an amber light, I think about ideas that have just taken off and that I am excited about and when I reach a light that is green I give some thought to all the positives in my life; all the things that are going really well and bits of my life that I am exremely grateful for……nah, do I bollocks! When I see yet more f***ing temporary traffic lights I scream nooooooooooo more! I’M LATE ALREADY!!!

6 thoughts on “Traffic Lights”

  1. Some of us went up cul-de-sacs years ago…. count yourself lucky if you’ve worked out which direction you were meant to be going in…

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