Should’ve Used a Pen

So the UK voted to leave in the EU Referendum the most divisive bit of politics that I for one can remember. Politics is always full of bullshit, but this whole debacle was so stuffed full of it, some people were rendered tongue-tied. Unable to open their mouths to give an opinion. Other people couldn’t shut up. Perhaps the conspiracy theory we all read about on Facebook yesterday, warning people to take a pen when they go to vote, was actually a Brexit wheeze. MI5 defected to Boris!

Millions of elves from Eastern Europe were paid below the minimum wage by MI5 to rub out every single ‘remain’ vote and change it to ‘leave’.

There were some amusing comments on Facebook yesterday:

If you are voting leave,  you are only allowed to use marker pens made in UK otherwise your vote doesn’t count. No “Bics” please. 😀

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve just gone and bought shares in pencil eraser companies 😉

Fuck pens, I’m taking a needle & doing mine in blood

can we use our Bingo dibber dabber dobber things?

And now I feel that we have entered a game of bingo. A game of bingo without anyone calling the numbers. Oh, the uncertainty of it all.

As well as being worried about what the result means for the economy, I am now seriously concerned that the referendum, with all its allegations, lies, scaremongering and propaganda has messed with peoples’ brains. We are becoming a nation who is suspicious of everything. Who questions everything. We no longer trust anyone…

…and today we are a very divided nation.

I’ll leave you with a tweet from JustSomeGuy:


however he should have remembered that…


Remain, they got you. Huge opportunity, or huge risk? Now we just have to hope that as a nation, our numbers come up.


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