FAIL!!! Oh, and I’ve just used too many exclamation marks…FAIL!

This did make me laugh. I tried to leave a reply to a lovely comment someone had made on my blog and instead what I got back, clear as day, in black and white was: Please try to say something useful.

Omg! What a put down. I was literally floored. I have 5 tween/teen/21 yr old girls and I know what it feels to be put down. Seriously, I do. If you do not have girls aged 10-21 years then you will not know what I mean. If you do, you will be nodding. They can cut you down with a look. They don’t even need to speak to you. Non-verbals are a teenage girls’ language. They rock those non-verbals like it’s party time!

I comment that they are wearing too much make-up for school. Cue: the look.

I comment that their skirt is too short. Cue: the look.

Oh, I’m sorry that I am unable to say anything useful at this time. But, tbh that’s simply your opinion and, as you felt my comment was too short, I can quite happily bore the crap out of you for the next hour on why I think your opinion sucks…on why you are wearing too much make-up, on why I feel that your skirt is too short.

Actually though, this is pretty much what my girls might say to me. Perhaps I was just being given a taste of my own medicine (eeuuckk!)

You know what, Mum. If you can’t say something useful in relation to me spending the night with my boyfriend when I’m only just 16, then ERROR!

I’m speechless. Floored. I’m where my girls want me most of the time, because that’s when they can walk right over me.

15 thoughts on “Fail!!!!!!”

  1. Oh it’s a cruel world when even the computers are telling us that our comments are useless! I have had this a few times, but in my defence I like to think that short sentence was straight to the point but still thought provoking. Well that’s what I am telling myself! Sometimes less is more, like this comment would have been far better if I had stopped at the first sentence but still here I am waffling on! Sorry, coffee not kicked in yet. This did make me laugh 🙂 #KCACOLS

    1. Well as Oscar Wilde said: if I’d had more time I’d have written less. It’s always the trickiest thing to do! Thank you for your comments. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of waffle 🙂

    1. Oh no! Enjoy that unconditional 2 year old love. At 15 EVERYTHING you do will be embarrassing, especially when friends are present. She will frequently be shaking her head at you!

  2. This has been me today. I seem to have picked up the iPad and commented on posts on the day the iPad has a temperament. Great post and it did put a smile on my face this evening…and make me weary for when my 19 months old is 19 years old #kcacols

    1. I’m a hard nut to crack…hardened by all those girls…but that computer, well it nearly got me! Thank you for your comments 🙂

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