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When I got shortlisted for the Mumsnet Blogging Awards, I was so excited. The thing that excited me the most was that it was down to the public vote. It meant that people were actually reading my blogs and, even more shockingly, enjoying them enough to vote for me. I love writing, but what I really love, is that other people love my writing. You lay yourself bare, press ‘publish’ and wait. You wait for the likes and the loves and the comments – not because you are a sad individual who has nothing better to do, but because it makes it all worth while.

Then it happened again: I got down to the final 3 and once more because of the public vote. This time, as well as feeling euphoric, I felt validated. Somehow, it made me feel that I really could call myself a blogger and it justified the time that I spend on it. I still don’t have a clue about SEO. I haven’t mastered Pinterest. I struggle with widgets and don’t really understand what it means to self host. I suppose that I blog in a fog. The writing is the clarity, the rest is shrouded in mist.

I’ve become hooked on Strictly Come Dancing and as I was watching on Sunday night it struck me that, despite loving the show, it had never crossed my mind to vote. Who does vote on these shows? Apart from family and friends, who actually bothers to vote? Voting is an interesting and faceless process. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who voted for me. People who I have never met, but who enjoy what I write. Every week the dancers on Strictly say that they are enjoying being a part of the show and they do not want their time to end. I am really enjoying blogging and as long as people are continuing to like what I write, regardless of what the judge decides on 12th November, I don’t want my writing to end.



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  1. Bloody hell, that sounded like someone on the red carpet going in to the Oscars ceremony…. “There are some brilliant performances and I’m only grateful for being able to walk on the carpet without being responsible for hovering it.”

  2. Congratulations – what amazing news.
    You know what, I have zero knowledge of SEO, plug ins, follow links, anything technical at all. I just write and enjoy seeing what my writing brings and means to people and that’s it. Am I bothered my website doesn’t look the bomb? No, I’m not. Bollocks to it! #dreamteam

  3. So pleased for you, you know I am a lover of your posts. Hoping you get lovely results but it’s great to get that far alone. It’s also lovely to know that like you I am baffled by widgets, self hosting and all that jazz. Success doesn’t always mean you need to have everything cracked, but you certainly have the writing part down and most definitely can call yourself a blogger! Well done again #dreamteam

  4. Congratulations. I have similar feelings towards SEO and Pinterest. Just goes to show that just cos you’re doing everything right by the book, doesn’t mean any bugger will read it and vice versa! Can’t wait for the 12th x

    1. Stats are just ‘damn lies’ – we all know that! Congrats to you too. My first blogging event on the 12th – exciting. It will be good to meet you 🙂 x

  5. So happy to read that you have been shortlisted for the Mumsnet Blogging Awards! That’s brilliant 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

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