*Exciting new project – contributions required*

I’ve been inspired! I am writing a book with people’s positive thoughts on their teenagers.

Teenagers get bad press. I love my teenage girls, but quite often I write about the angst that surrounds them. This venture is to readdress the balance. It is to be a celebration of teens.

I am putting together a compilation of thoughts beginning: I love it when …


If you would like to be included in the book, then please leave your: I love it when … in the comments section of this post, e mail me at: alison.longhurst@yahoo.co.uk, or tweet me @MHouseMum

I would also love to include some photos that embody the positive thoughts of the book. If you have any photos that you are happy to be included, then please e mail them to me. In doing so, I will take this as your permission for me to use them in the context of this book only.

Let me know what name you would like displayed with your comment if when it gets published and names that can be used as captions for any photos.

To see what set this off, you can read my post here: I love it when…

Please spread the word to anyone you know who has teenagers.



26 thoughts on “*Exciting new project – contributions required*”

  1. I love it when my 15 year old daughter hugs me for no reason..it makes all my problems melt away for a moment..even if she is taller than me! Xxx

  2. What a fantastic idea! You’ve made me realise my boys give me lots of reasons to be proud of them:

    I love it when my 15yo gets letters from the Beavers he works with.

    I love it when my 13yo is so kind to his 10yo sister.

    I love it when my teenage boys do Parkrun with the family.

    I love it when my 13yo scores for his football team.

    I love it when my 15yo son completes a big hike with Explorers.

    I love it when my 13yo son wakes up happy and enthusiastic for the day ahead.

    I love it when I see the team spirit in my 13yo’s school rugby team.

    I love it when my 13yo son cooks a meal for the family.

    From Sarah MumofThree World

  3. I love it when….

    …I’ve been away with work, consumed in a different world from which I re emerge feeling every ounce of bad mother guilt possible. I put the key in the lock and you are in the kitchen cooking you and I risitto. The twins are fed and watching tv, a batch of scones bakes in the oven (including raisin-less ones for me.) No one runs to me, I’m barely acknowledged. The guilt is replaced with floods of relief. Inside I’m bursting with pride that you do so well in my absence. I joke that I’m not needed anymore. You agree and I love you even more for your dry sense of humour.

    When I’m home, you live in your bed wearing every fluffy item of sleepwear you (and I) possess. When I’m away and the Meggie machine whirs into action, you are truly incredible. I remind myself that I can only do the job I do because of my teenager ❤️️

  4. Well done and great idea! I bet it will serve as a really positive lift for people who are parenting teens. We haven’t quite got there yet but i will look forward to seeing it. Best of luck! #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. Fab idea….. it may not be what you’re looking for but as a teacher I love it when the teenagers I teach thank me for the lesson as they’re walking out the classroom (and lots do!!) – so many of them are so polite and grateful to me. Good luck with the book xx #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Thank you – that’s great. Isn’t it lovely when they are so grateful? I have some of my students who are tween/teens saying: thank you at the end of a Taekwon-do lesson and I love it.

  6. I love this idea and think it will be amazing! My eldest is 12 so I am not quite there otherwise I would have loved to take part. Good luck and I look forward to reading! #stayclassymama

  7. This is a fantastic idea – my stepson has just turned 13 and although we were dreading the hormonal change, there are lots of positives too! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam, apologies for the late comment this week! xx

  8. Amazing idea! Teenagers do get a bad rep, but actually they can sometimes be the most inspirational, caring people of the bunch. Can’t wait for the book ; ), Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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