Ffs have some fun!

Ok, I can’t hold it in any longer. I’ve even started a blog with, ‘ok’. I have had enough already of, ‘I’m going dry in January’, ‘the diet starts tomorrow’ and oh, the Instagram quotes: ‘Be prepared each day to confront your own self-sabotage’ is just one of many that is gracing my feed and starting to get my goat. What is it with January that it does this to people? Of course it’s the Port, the Quality Streets and Stilton’s fault, but if there’s any time ever that you want to happily get a drink down your neck then it’s January. It’s back to work, it’s facing the school run, it’s train strikes, grey days and it’s no chance of a legitimate reason to drink champagne until Valentine’s Day. It’s seriously not the time to go dry. Besides, we all know that when we deprive ourselves of something we crave it. Come February after dry January you’ll be necking it back like a Scottish alcoholic (no offence, but I’m a quarter Scottish and jeez they like a drink).


I mean, why? What’s the point? Sure, cut back. Eat a bit healthier and for fuck’s sake ditch the cheese, but there is no reason to go all sanctimonious and say: “I’m doing dry January.” You’ll only piss people off and be miserable. God knows, life is hard enough. You at least deserve a break at the weekend.

While I’m at it: New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve tried to make them in the past and lost that bit of paper I wrote them on within a week. Have goals. Get excited. Fail to reach them. Set new goals. Get excited. Win some and lose some…so it goes on. New Year’s Resolutions suck because by their very prestigious title they are setting themselves up for failure. No. You just want to quietly plan yourself a few ideas, voice them to a select few and go about making them happen…for god’s sake don’t label them as: New Year’s Resolutions!


I say: fuck it! Have fun in January, be that slogging it out on a treadmill, hitting your 10k target, learning how to knit, or eating kale. But don’t lose sight of the fun. New goals, new beginnings, for some people worries and uncertainty. So fun must be made. Amongst all the shit, the dry and the diet, for fuck’s sake have some fun.

This is just for the celebrities


26 thoughts on “Ffs have some fun!”

  1. I love this so much I could kiss my screen! Don’t get me wrong – I know that right now I am wearing aproximately three Christmasses worth of mince pies and cheesecake and I need to sort my shiz out if I want to get into any clothes for the rest of this month, but do I intend to exist entirely on kale for the bleakest and most depressing month of the year? Hell no! For starters we took the decorations down last night – and in a twist on the usual we had a big glass of Baileys – I know right – to take them DOWN!? We are THAT rock n roll! Yes I need to shift some Christmas damage, but I also need enough of an occasional treat to make it worth getting out of bed each morning. Enough with the self loathing and punishment I say! Hurrah to this post!! Happy January to you – and thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  2. Brilliant! We have so much leftover crap from Christmas and are so skint from buying so much shit nobody needs that this is most definitely not the month to go healthy, it’s chocolate or starvation in this house!

  3. IN my experience, getting rid of all fun (be it food, liquor, partying, whatever floats your boat) just mean you will binge on it later. What? you say i can’t have sugar for a month? I will a whole cake in one sitting withing a week….#FamilyFun

  4. This post really made me laugh. I don’t make resolutions, I set goals for myself. I go to the gym, but I was doing that long before the Christmas festivities. People take the start of a new year so seriously, just chill and get back to it x

  5. I’m with you!! I’ll not be doing any resolutions I will just carry on as normal and try my best to be healthy and fit! Cake along the way!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  6. If there is one thing that I will never have any intention in doing is dry bloody January or any month for that matter. Why do you need to? You can cut back without cutting out, if that’s what your intention is. Each to their own of course but I’m with you. Let’s not loose sight of the fun. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun x

  7. Absolutely January is for fun! I am embracing my curves, even brought a new bikini as I’m off to Queensland for a girls holiday with my 3 skinny girlfriends lol. Brilliant post lovely xx

  8. THIS is why I love you!! I never ever EVER do ‘dry’ or diet January because I don’t drink to oblivion or stuff my face all day over Xmas. Some luxury pate and cheese and yes a few more chocolates than I would normally but that’s it. In fact guess what I did yesterday? Made a huge chocolate cake. For dinner. Yep you heard right. I’ve set a few resolutions privately and to be honest have somehow achieved one already and will for sure stick to but that’s it. Long live Alison, the voice of reason. As always. #dreamteam

  9. Haha thank you for writing this!! What is with the miserableness in January – I’m a big fan of not doing dry January or taking up running or starting the new diet. You are, as Prabs says the voice of reason 🙂 xx

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