In sickness and in health

The following letter was inspired by a post on my local mums’ Facebook page. It is about no-one in particular, but some may relate to it. If you have a husband who is nothing like this one, then be eternally thankful (but don’t feel that you still can’t play the PMT card, when you’re just having a really shitty day).

Dear Darling Husband,

I married you ‘for richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health’. I just want to clarify the terms. ‘In sickness’ does not include man flu. I did not say, “I do” to watching you laying on the sofa with that irritating woeful look on your face, whilst telling anyone who will listen (your mum) that you have googled the symptoms and it could be Malaria. I am aware (because you keep saying it) that absolutely nobody understands how ill you are. I am also aware (because you keep telling me) what a shit nurse I am. You see, the thing is, I am not a shit nurse. When the kids have a temperature of 102 degrees and are covered in a rash, with tonsils the size of the Devil’s Marbles, I show huge concern. I place a flannel on their forehead and give them Calpol. If I indulge you with this much attention, you will miraculously feel better and want sex. No, a cup of tea on my way out the door is currently all my stress levels can manage. Especially as I am still feeling ill from the heavy cold I had at the beginning of the week. The same one that you now have, but you tell me that yours is a more virulent strain. The one you didn’t notice, because everything carried on as normal. Just as it did a few hours after I gave birth to our daughter. You remember – the birth that you fainted at and had to be brought toast and a cup of tea by two midwives, whilst I was screaming, “get this little fucker out!” Perhaps you should go to the doctor – that person who you resolutely refuse to have anything to do with. But don’t worry, while you are so stoically going it alone (whilst constantly fishing for sympathy), I will keep those balls in the air (no Darling Husband not yours, as you are ill, remember?) I will keep the flag flying in this house, until you are well enough to return. I will get my head down and soldier on. Until death we do part. (You are closer than even you can imagine).

Much love, your Darling Wife xxx

27 thoughts on “In sickness and in health”

  1. I love this! There needs to be a mum flu where we actually get to sit down for 5 minutes uniteerupted lol.

  2. Haha, love this. This is exactly what my OH is like, especially the wanting sex part the second he miraculously starts feeling better. The worst part is when I’m ill he’s out the door leaving me with two kids without a glance back! Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  3. This is brilliant esp as the Husband has been ill all weekend – always seems to be timed for the weekend! And when I’m ill nobody even asks me how I am! #anythinggoes

  4. Haha! So true. My husband was just man-sick a couple weeks ago. You would have thought he was going to die from a cold.

  5. LMFAO! I’m absolutely dying of laughter right now.

    The man flu is the worst thing since Measles, Mumps, AND Rubella!


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