Women on fleek

I was watching the European Indoor Athletics Championships and thinking that the female athletes are seriously ‘on fleek’. It isn’t just their eyebrows that look good, (although I couldn’t help but notice). Some of their hairstyles look professionally done and their make-up looks good enough for a night out on the tiles. Yet, far from distracting from their amazing achievements, it just made me think: jeez! Not only can these inspirational women hone their muscles to pure, unadulterated strength perfection, but they are quite obviously feeling fabulous about being female. They are enhancing their femininity and then going out there and bossing it. This is women all over. Feminism isn’t about watering our female assets down. It’s not about shying away from them, so that perhaps we don’t attract unwanted male attention. It’s about doing it our way. It’s about making ourselves feel confident. This may be a teenage girl putting on a figure-hugging dress and showing off a cleavage to die for. This may be a new mum on her first night out since giving birth, wanting to dress-up for herself and her partner, to prove to herself (and him) that she’s still got what it takes. This may be a model wanting work and a woman struggling with a disability. Here’s to women being ‘on fleek’. Here’s to women who are bossing it. Here’s to women who just want to feel bloody amazing. People may say to us: “it doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, but what we put out there is us and we are human. We want to feel good about ‘us’. But that isn’t ‘a look’. It’s a feeling. There is no such thing as ‘a good look’. Looking good is feeling good about ourselves. We are of course our worst critics. We tell ourselves that we don’t look ‘good enough’. That means ‘good enough for us’. So we try to improve, for US! Not for him, or her, but for ME! Here’s to women everywhere who are on their own unique journey. We are all amazing – it’s personal.


23 thoughts on “Women on fleek”

  1. Oh I was thinking just the same when I saw them – they look amazing – how inspirational to want to look that good! Certainly inspired me to do something about me for me! Love that kind of inspiration! #BigPinkLink

  2. YES!! It feels like so often women are hyper-critical of each other when we should be celebrating. If a woman wants to go out dressed up to the nines, so she should. Love this positive post X #mg

  3. Wooed you said it, and so bang on. I wonder why we are so over critical of ourselves. Let’s celebrate what we got. Cheers to you Alison!

  4. This is totally awesome!! I’m in love with the concept that showing off your assets can be a wonderful part of feminism. I’ve been annoyed by the recent Emma Watson backlash-she is a beautiful woman, who felt empowered to show off a part of her amazing body-that makes her the ultimate feminist, if you ask me! And since I’ve made my foray into fitness, there have been loads of women whose bodies I admire-Rachael Newsham is my current body and personality inspiration! Loved this post x

  5. I love this! It annoys me so much when female athletes are criticised for wanting to look good! Why shouldn’t they be able to wear make-up and have their hair done if they want to and still be taken seriously?
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  6. Totally agree! I like tennis and often watch female tennis players with lots of jewellery and great hair and think ‘how do they do it’? Part of me makes me feel inadequate and the other part just makes me pleased! Go women.

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