Rose Tinted Glasses

Daughter 1 has stepped her healthy delights up a gear. She has found a recipe for granola bars on You Tube and led me to believe that they are healthy. She brought partner and I some of the mixture to try, as we sat and watched tv last night. It was delicious. Are you sure that’s healthy, I asked, rather surprised that it tasted so good. In my experience, anything that is really healthy tastes pretty awful, once you step back and see it for what it really is and not with rose tinted diet glasses on. I quite happily ate quinoa for weeks before our summer holiday last year, telling myself and everyone else how good it tasted. But once we hit Spain, I was eating double the amount of chorizo to make up for the assault of blandness my taste buds had endured.

They are healthy, daughter 1 replied assuredly, they’ve got almonds in. I asked for some more mixture. Partner wanted more too – it just tasted so good. I’d better make a second batch, she said, as she watched the gooey substance disappear into us at a rate of knots.

Daughter 1 went to bed. Don’t eat any granola bars mum, she said, as she disappeared upstairs, I’ve counted them, I know what you’re like. Partner went to bed. I was left alone downstairs. I found myself looking for the granola bars. She had hidden them in Tupperware, but I spotted them and they were now cut into neat little bars. There was one irregular shaped one, it was mine!

Daughter 1 comes down for breakfast. You know those granola bars mum…I was thinking about it and they aren’t really healthy at all, because of the honey and the brown sugar, the desiccated coconut and the golden syrup that’s in them.

I sigh. Back to the quinoa and rose tinted glasses.

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