Parental Boasts

Parental Boasts (overheard in a playground, anywhere)

He did that all by himself!
She is so creative!
He’s 2 years ahead of himself in Maths
She’s developing her own, mature writing style
He is already using rhyming couplets
Her junk modelling skills are well beyond her age

Parental Boasts (that you never hear)

My hat won the best Easter Bonnet competition – real turf and the mechanical egg-laying chicken probably clinched it

The science project my 5 year old had to do is on display for open day – I am particularly pleased with my erupting volcano 

I got all those fractions right 😃

‘Good use of connectives’ – another house point, go me!

My poem got published in the: Young Writers Poetry Book. We’ll get Grandma a copy for Christmas

I won: Best Harvest Festival box, for the second year running, due to the addition of my working combine harvester!

The invaluable life lesson that the children are learning is: sit back and watch the parents sweat it out and then have the last laugh by getting all the credit. 

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