The Best Things About Having Daughters

When I was pregnant with number 4, so many people said to me: trying for a boy were you? I would smile and shake my head, as the true response wasn’t what they would have been expecting and would have taken too long: no, actually I have just got back from the World Championships and I was feeling the need for another challenge, as the next Worlds isn’t for two years. I looked into Iron Man, but it’s really hard to fit in all that training with 3 kids under 4, so I suggested to my husband that we try for another baby and we were so incredibly lucky that I fell pregnant and we are really excited about the probability – well over 80% – of it being another girl. Partly because we have a shed load of girls’ clothes and mainly because I can wipe a girl’s bum really well now and find boy’s bits trickier to whizz around with a baby wipe.

And another girl she was and still is. So, for all those people who presumed that my husband and I would have wanted a boy, here’s why having daughters rocks!

  1. You can share tampax when you are out and about and get caught out (well, not literally share)
  2. You can watch rugby with them and comment on the players’ bodies, as well as their fantastic ball skills
  3. You can put bunting everywhere (I LOVE bunting)
  4. You can share pants (this isn’t strictly true, but I have put it in because daughter 2 has just bought 5 pairs of pants from ‘PINK’ and I want them
  5. You can drop hints that you want 5 pairs of PINK pants for Mother’s Day
  6. You get bought body butter for Mother’s Day…birthdays, Christmas…
  7. They share your body butter (this is listed as a good thing because I now have so much of it, my only storage option is sharing)
  8. You can share clothes (but see previous blog: Feeling Young Again, for pitfalls)
  9. You can ask their advice after you have asked partner’s advice, on what you look like. This is because teenage girls cannot hide their disgust, whereas partner will lie to get me out the door
  10. You can consult them on what partner looks like, when it’s time for him to get a haircut and he thinks there is at least two weeks of growing time left. Their looks of disgust usually prompt action. Ditto trimming his beard
  11. They bake a lot of cakes and granola and dinner when I leave out a note saying: before you start your homework/GCSE revision/A level project, please can you cook a spag bol, love Mum xxxxxx ps walk the dogs, feed the cats and record a programme at 9pm BBC4 (I cannot fathom how to record)
  12. You can rely on them to understand why you had to spend £10 on a moisturiser, when partner is exclaiming: how much?!, as they know that being a female is not cheap.
  13. You can watch as they grow into mini me’s and listen to number 1 friend telling them stories of what I got up to at their age and worrying at the thought that they may do similar things

So yes, for these reasons and many more, having daughters rocks! Step son was too old to be my boy guinea pig when he lived with us and as he traumatised me with maggots (see blog: If Maggots don’t get you, the Alcohol will), I will reserve judgement on whether having a son rocks – you tell me.

2 thoughts on “The Best Things About Having Daughters”

  1. Good things about having sons:

    1. You can ogle their posters on the wall (Damien Delaney, mmmm!)
    2. You feel you are giving something back to sisterhood by bringing up a son who will one day be the type of husband you would want
    3. You can shepherd them into their room very easily – nothing makes them run for cover more quickly than the sight of a naked/partially naked mum walking around upstairs
    4. They give great hugs with no expectations – No. 1 son is now taller than me and gives great bear hugs
    5. You can walk into their room and instantly be transported back to the heady days of your teenage girlhood by the smell of a teenage boy’s bedroom – it is a unique smell
    6. Similarly the smell of Lynx Africa can remind you of those church hall discos ….
    7. Honest and blunt about how you look – they don’t feel the need to pander around your feelings and can’t understand why you would look upset if they are particularly harsh
    8. Cheap – the afore mentioned Lynx, some toothpaste and any old boxer shorts are acceptable (compared to daughter who is the knicker fusser)
    9. Rubbish at lying, so easy to catch out – “who emptied the fruit from their lunch box into the bin in the bathroom in the hope of me not finding it?” It could only be one of the boys – daughter is far too savvy to be caught out like that.
    10. You can borrow their clothes too – large comfy hoodies that are always conveniently strewn around every room in the house or left in the car.
    11. They don’t ask you to carry things for them when out, all they need is their phone – who needs a coat, tissues, mirror etc etc that daughter always asks for.

    These are reasons why having sons rock – and Mad House Mum I like to feel I have done my bit to bring some equality to your household with my 2 boys descending you over the years.

  2. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! And love your boys – they are always welcome. You can’t beat a whiff of Lynx to bring back the memory of your first snog at the church disco 🙂

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