Summer Lovin’

I didn’t have a hope in hell of being healthy this week. Yesterday was an inset day. Daughter 1 had friends around to bake. I love the fact that she is 16 and doesn’t have friends around to have orgies and take drugs, so I actively encouraged it. My only stipulation was that she used up the bananas that have been rotting in the fruit bowl for two weeks. She had ticked that box before her friends arrived and produced a loaf of banana bread. Hot and delicious straight out of the oven, partner and I couldn’t resist. Over half was gone by lunch time. No problem, as her friends arrived and spent the afternoon baking marshmallow cookies and ice cream cake. That was still only Monday. On Wednesday it is daughter 3’s birthday. She has requested a salted caramel cake, pain au chocolats for breakfast and Dominoes for tea. I am going to buy her cake this year. I didn’t feel guilty until I was flicking through last years’ photos and saw that I had created a cricket pitch, complete with stumps. I can’t remember what had possessed me. Daughter 1 reminds me of the year that we ate all her birthday cake, without her having had any. I am reminded of this regularly and I have no defence – I just like cake. On Thursday it is number 1 friend’s birthday and tradition has it that we have cake in the office. On Friday it is step daughter’s 21st. She isn’t actually going to be here, but just imagine if she was! 

We have summer bodies and winter bodies, partner remarked, helpfully, as I was expressing my worries to him about our week of excess, and Summer is months away, he continued, reassuringly. 

We had to go to Homebase to buy a new loo brush (see blog: Loo Brush) Men in fluorescent jackets were building a display, on top of which was perched a deckchair. It must be in the sale, I said excitedly to partner, as I had wanted one last summer. I’ll ask how much it is. This is the Summer display, the man told me cheerily, we’ve got 24 hours to build it. 24 hours, I repeated to partner. Summer is coming sooner than we thought. 

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