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Not another one! No sooner had I sighed a huge sigh of relief that I had completed my answers to 73 questions, after being nominated by Charlie at Mess and Merlot, than I am tagged by Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine to yet again delve into the depths of my brain to find more answers to her searching questions. Fran has been shortlisted for best comic writer at the Mumsnet Blogging Awards, so do go and check out her blog.

So, here goes…

1) There is no electricity and won’t be for the next week. NONE. After eating the contents of the freezer (assuming you have a gas cooker) what the hell do you do with yourself?

Book into a 5 star hotel and claim on the insurance

2) What time constitutes a lie-in in your house?

8am. The kids lie-in now, so what did we go and do? We got 2 dogs who wake us up early.

3) Why is your greatest achievement, bar your children?

Becoming a Taekwon-do World Champion

4) What is your favourite blog post ever (your own, or someone else’s)?

Ooh tricky…I rather like Twat …I just love that word. I loved one of Hurrah for Gin’s I read recently: Mum’s night out

5) If you could only use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which one would you choose?


6) How often per month do you think ‘screw it, I’ll give up blogging’?

Ha! I’ve only just started, so not often. Give it time…

7) If I was a newbie and just starting my blog, and I came to you for advice, what would you tell me?

Say goodbye to your family and home cooked meals

8) Chocolate or strawberry milkshake?


9) What is the best fruit?


10) What are your top three hits/bands from the 80s…

Wake me up before you go, go!  – Wham
Girls just wanna have fun – Cyndi Lauper
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Now apparently I have to tag people to answer my questions. So, I challenge you: Helen at Just Saying Mum, Mac at Reflections from me, Sharon at After the Playground and Talya at Motherhood: The Real Deal.


  1. What would you like to stop?
  2. Which celebrity would you choose to personal train you?
  3. What age were you when you had the most fun?
  4. What have you had to get used to recently?
  5. What is the most annoying habit of someone who lives in your house?
  6. Who is your favourite comedian?
  7. Who inspires you?
  8. What song, if any, makes you cry?
  9. What meal do you cook the most?
  10. Where is your favourite place on earth? (It may not be somewhere you have been, just somewhere that you feel is amazing).

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